I am a performance developer with 20+ years of experience working as a sport psychologist with Elite & Olympic-level athletes. I have expanded my work and expertise into the business-consulting field after establish ing the largest and most recognized sports psychology practice in Slovenia where I counsel more than 400+ athletes and coaches from 40+ sports, 150+ of whom were Elite level.

In one sentence, I make people perform better. I do this by taking the concrete experience of working with elite performers to achieve my clients’ maximum potential. As a MSc. in psychology and a cognitive-behavioral coun selor, I follow expertise of evidence-based practice, current scientific and applied knowledge in the field. One’s ability to manage thoughts, feelings and behavior is essential for success in any field of elite performance.

As an experienced practitioner, I know quick fixes are not enough. The only way to achieve high-level performance is to create actual behavioral change with permanent impact. To achieve this, we must dive deeply into the fundamental issues and focus on the marginal gains that may be achieved in the career of a professional, addressing all varieties of psychological issues – managing stress, changing habits and mindset, making tough decisions, developing leadership skills, training emotional control, understanding values and motivational roots, balancing life and work, etc.

Top performers and leaders usually perform great, but their high ambitions, their fierce competitors and demanding environments constantly challenge their psychology, creating bottlenecks which prevent them improving from »top 100« to »top 10« in their fields. I am usually brought in to act as the expert to solve these bottlenecks provid ing the missing piece of the puzzle for someone's career turning into a significantly more meaningful trajectory. I always take personal responsibility for my clients’ results.


Individual consultations

Performance improvement programs

Workshops and lectures

Every individual's mind is different; therefore, a top performance psychologist must be a generalist, capable to address a broad field of potential issues, using a variety of psychological methods and counseling approaches. For this reason, my specific field of expertise are top performers where my clients’ goals always determine a tailor-made approach. Collaboration with any client always starts with a targeted discussion to assess where and how can I provide added value.

I do not have a published list of clients due to a religious focus on confidentiality and other ethical and professional standards, but a number of individual references can be provided to you upon request to verify the quality of my work.